The Need for Fundraising

Air Cadets is one of the largest youth organizations in Canada. The common perception that Cadets are completely supported by the Canadian government is not true. While a portion of our funding does come from the Department of National Defence, much of our program costs are covered by raising funds at the local level.

The Sponsoring Committee, under the authority of the Air Cadet League, is responsible to make sure that the program outlined by the squadron Commanding Officer is properly financed. The League is also a non-profit organization that does not recieve any government money. Each Squadron in Ontario pays a fee of $50 per cadet per year to the Air Cadet League.

The 812 Hanover Air Cadet Sponsoring Committee has decided that we do not wish to charge the cadets the fee of $50 to join. We would like to make sure that there is no discriminating based on financial status.

While there is no cost to join Air Cadets, parents and cadets are expected to participate in, and contribute to, fundraising as required by the Squadron Sponsoring Committee.

There are several ways that you can help out to make this Squadron operate as smoothly as possible!

Join the Committee

The Sponsoring Committee meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at JDSS. Our main purpose is to look after the finances of Squadron, and to approve funding for the activities that the cadets participate in. If youíre looking for a way to be involved, this is a great way to start!

All Sponsoring Committee members are volunteers, and every member must have a Vulnerable Sector Police Check and will be thoroughly screened by the Air Cadet League. Please contact the SSC Chair for more information.

Help at Specific Fundraising and Cadet Events

If you donít feel that you can commit to regular participation on the Committee, then we will be asking you to be involved in at least 2 events during the year. We might ask you to participate by helping to prepare a meal, or attend a fundraising event.

Encourage your son/daughter to participate!

We understand how difficult fundraising can be! We need you as parents to encourage your cadet to be prompt in selling the Air Cadet League Lottery tickets, Tagging and any other fundraising we ask them to do. We tend to do most of our planned projects in the first half of the year so that we can take a break, relax and enjoy the program.

Fundraising that we Do

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