Fundraising that we Do:

Air Cadet League Lottery Tickets

Each year the Air Cadet League sends us books of tickets based on the number of cadets we had enrolled in the previous year. We are required to cover the cost of the tickets regardless of whether or not they all get sold. So any books that are not returned are paid for by us and the cost comes out of the money we have allocated to our program. So it is imperitive that every cadet sells their required allotment and returns all stubs.

Half of the money raised from the sale of the Lottery tickets is returned to the Squadron as income and the other half is retained by the Air Cadet League to pay for insurance and maintainance of the gliders and tow planes that are owned by the League.


812 Squadron requires all cadets to partipate in Tagging two times per year. Cadets are asked to stand outside of different retail locations in full uniform, to collect donations from people in the community. The money raised at this event is often allocated towards the year end trip. Any cadet that does not participate, will be asked to pay for their own way on the year end trip.

Other Fundraising:

Selling Lottery tickets and Tagging are fundraising activities that are compulsory each year. The Sponsoring Committee meets each August to discuss possible projects that can be done in addition to these in order to raise the required funding.

Please see the following links below that ouline the planned fundraising for the current year:

Fundraising for 2013-14

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