Summer Training

Each summer cadets have the opportunity to attend summer training camps ranging in length from 2 weeks to 7 weeks duration. Courses include training in leadership, glider and power flying, fitness and sports, survival, military band, pipe band, aerospace, aviation technology, and marksmanship.

Summer Training is an awesome time to learn new skills, and meet new friends from all over the province, from other regions of Canada, and some times even from other countries.

Cadets apply for Summer Training camps in the fall. Each Squadron is given a number of allotted camp spaces and cadets are normally notified of their acceptance, in May to June. To be eligible,you must be registered in a Squadron before January 31st of the current cadet year. There is no charge for summer training.

For more information on applying, please contact the Commanding Officer.

Please see the following table that outlines available courses for the 2013 year.

Summer Training Courses Available

2013 Cadet Summer Training Course Pamphlet